Welcome to My New Website

February 28, 2018

With this posting, I take the leap of officially launching the new website for my Life Coaching business. This new leap includes a new name, Kevin Bliss Coaching, a new logo and an entirely different look and feel for the website.

You’ll notice on the logo (at the top of each page) that there are three words imbedded in it. Those three words communicate the essence of my work with clients: Transformative, Heart-Centered, Real. It is what I promise as a coach.

Since I’ve last blogged (on the old website – soon to be taken offline), I’ve been hard at work not only on the developing the new brand and website, but also on furthering my coaching skills with a couple of additional classes from Integral Coaching Canada.

I’ve also been getting coached by an Integral Coach myself, to experience first hand the power of the methodology. So far so good! The Foundation Practice in my coaching program has had me taking IMPROV classes here in DC – definitely a stretch for me, but stretching is what growth is all about!

Over these months I’ve continued to see clients and as well to facilitate two monthly Grief Support Groups, one each in Washington, DC and Rehoboth Beach, DE.

I otherwise continue to absorb the genius of Ken Wilber and immerse in his meta-theory of how ‘everything’ fits together, including the spiritual. I’m currently tackling his new book, The Religion of Tomorrow. I’ll talk more about this I’m sure in future blog postings.

So to close, let me say it’s my hope that this new website from its content to its photographs will offer a better expression to visitors and potential clients of what makes my life coaching unique and transformational. A new Gallery page will also expand my ability to share my own photographs.

Thanks to all who’ve followed me on the old website and for all who join me on the journey on this website. If you aren’t already on my mailing list, please sign up on the blog webpage to be added to it.


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