Amid a painful divorce, a forced career transition and a shattered sense of self-esteem, a dear friend referred me to Kevin. I chose to work with Kevin because he presented a solid, stable methodology that I felt was both forward-looking and honoring of the importance of God and spirit in my life. Kevin’s coaching absolutely helped me.  It gave me the courage to do some challenging, introspective “work” and shine a light on things within myself that both DID and DID NOT allow growth including, self-love, peace, patience and acceptance of MYSELF.  I became a more “real” person during the course of my time with Kevin. My work with him increased my awareness of myself by an infinite multiplier that I don’t think I’ve yet fully realized.  I still review the exercises and my reflect on my coaching experience to help me “recalibrate” my emotions and “reignite” my personal purpose even now. The thing I appreciate most is that I regained a sense of my ability to achieve my purpose in life. I would be definitely recommend Kevin’s coaching services to others seeking transformative change.



When I began my coaching journey with Kevin, I was also in weekly talk therapy. As our journey progressed, I found that more and more I was telling my therapist about the work I was doing with Kevin – the exercises and practices and their positive, sometimes surprising, results. Kevin’s coaching is NOT therapy. It makes use of exercises and practices that combined with our conversations, offered me practical ideas and applications for discovering and then manifesting in a new and more successful, way of being. I left Kevin with an established meditation practice, which is something I had never been able to do before, and which I have been able to do continuously for the last 6 months. Another valuable practice I learned from Kevin has enabled me to better access feelings and to work with my emotions so as to reach a better state on the other side. Being coached by Kevin is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a long time. This is solid, practical, use-everyday stuff, and sessions with Kevin are enhanced by his warm, empathetic manner, and his clear desire that you benefit from your time with him. I’ve been through all kinds of programs and coaching in my life, but my work with Kevin has yielded the best and most lasting results.



I sought out Kevin for coaching to help me better cope with two adult children with mental illness. My coaching experience with Kevin helped me first to articulate my challenges, second to have a listening ear and lastly to have positive affirmation on my journey. My work with Kevin has precipitated transformational change in my life by his listening. This has been the greatest change factor for me.  In our history of working together, I know I can tell him anything in confidence. He has been a sensitive and present witness and voice to my discerning of both my challenges and changes. I am grateful for his ears and heart and voice. I would recommend Kevin to anyone seeking a life coach or those who may not even know that they could benefit from Kevin’s expertise as a life coach.



When I began working with Kevin I was stuck and didn’t know what I wanted to do next. Kevin’s patient and calm demeanor quickly put me at ease. Our work began with our developing a metaphor for the part of me that was “protecting” me. He then designed practices that over our time together helped me to better understand those parts of me that were protecting me and keeping me stuck. The practices also allowed me to begin to build new capabilities that have allowed me to move forward again. Kevin was always insightful and non-judgmental. He helped me rediscover my core self. Kevin also has the utmost integrity, and has a true passion for coaching. I continually reflect on our practices and appreciate the “personal myths” he has helped me to dispel.



Kevin’s coaching services were of tremendous help to me. In our time working together, he gave me tools to help me figure out what was most important to me and enabled me to be able to center myself. In particular, in the middle of our series of sessions, I lost a major contract that I was counting on. At first it was devastating, but thanks to the tools that Kevin had given me, I recovered quickly and set my sights back on my path. I can say that I am far happier today because of Kevin’s help. I highly recommend him.


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