End of Life Coaching

What is End of Life Coaching?

End of Life Coaching is a generic description for the coaching I do with people who are:

  • Living with a Diagnosis of a Life Threatening Illness;
  • Living with a Diagnosis of a Terminal Illness (and/or a family member of someone who’s been so diagnosed);
  • Grieving the death of another person;
  • Grieving the death of a beloved pet; or
  • Grieving a substantial loss in their life (marriage, job, relationship, financial, or physical).

My Coaching Approach to End of Life Issues

In 2016, I made the decision to expand my coaching practice and receive training and credentialing as an End of Life Coach.

It was in response to a growing desire to work in the field in some way. Volunteering for several years at a hospice only confirmed this desire. What I wanted to be able to do was directly work with people dealing with the profound pain and turmoil that comes with any End of Life Issue – all of the ones listed above, one of which you may be dealing with right now.

End of Life Coaching is very different from the coaching I do as an Integral Coach, which is almost entirely focused on growth and development.

In End of Life Coaching, the entire focus, at least initially, is on being a compassionate and empathetic presence in the midst of the pain and confusion that an End of Life issue inevitably brings.

As your coach, my job will be to listen and, in fact, encourage you to say all that you need to say and process, for it is only in articulating the pain, as many times as it takes, that we can begin to come to terms with it and the new reality it brings.

Let me now turn to the two facets of my End of Life Coaching, each in turn.

Grief and Loss

While I also facilitate Grief Support Groups in Washington, DC and Rehoboth Beach, DE, the principle work I do in this area is one-on-one Grief Coaching. As valuable as I find group work to be, I find that individual work is also profoundly important.

One thing that I can do in one-on-one grief coaching is to ask questions to bring forth insights and observations that would never be possible in a group setting. And if I’ve learned anything in the time I’ve been working with the grieving, is that talking about the experience, including memories of your loved one, is the only path forward.

I often say: The only way through the pain of grief is by going through it.” There are no shortcuts, and that means talking about and processing feelings and experiences.

While most of my one-on-one coaching is in person, I also coach by telephone/internet. I’ve found it every bit as effective as coaching in person.

Finally, let me address the difference between Grief Counseling and Grief Coaching. There seems to be a view that Grief Counseling is somehow better. I am here to say that while there are definitely situations where Grief Counseling is indicated, in most cases Grief Coaching is just as effective, if not more so. This is because the coaching focus is on deep listening and the asking of questions that help bring understanding and clarity to those who are grieving.

Life Threatening Diagnosis or a Terminal Illness

Like my work with the grieving, my work with those facing a Life Threatening or Terminal Illness demands an unwavering and compassionate commitment on my part to be present with you, and potentially your family, on the journey. In one-on-one coaching I’ll be there to help you say what you want and need to say to process all that is happening. I can also guide you, including your spouse and family, through the conversations that you may want or need to take place during this time.

Finally, a coaching presence additionally offers the client someone with whom they can perhaps be uniquely honest, including expressing any anger or even rage that may be present – things that can’t always be expressed to a spouse or family.

Additionally, I’ve spent much of the last decade exploring spirituality and religion, trying to refine my own understandings. Thus, should a client express a desire to share their views, beliefs, and perhaps fears relating to spirituality and religion, I would welcome and encourage such an exploration.

How can I help you?

I stand ready to be of assistance to you, and potentially your family, should you find yourself in need of End of Life Coach. As expressed above, I will apply my coaching skills to meeting you exactly where you are on your journey.

My job as your coach will be to listen deeply and compassionately and to ask questions that will help you gain insight into your unique journey. Unlike much of the rest of world, where people don’t seem to want to listen, as your Coach I’m available to hear anything that you want and need to say. I will, in fact, encourage it.

Finally, while the work I do as your End of Life Coach will always be informed by my rigorous Integral Coach training, it is usually much less structured than my work as an Integral Coach. This includes the scheduling of visits and the length of time that we’ll work together.


Coaching Options

My End of Life Coaching Options include hourly packages as well as packages offering discounts for the advance purchase of 4 or 8 sessions. I will be happy to discuss pricing specifics by telephone.

I welcome the opportunity to work with you as your End of Life Coach, no matter the specific “End of Life” situation you’re encountering.

Having someone to walk with you on your journey can be immensely helpful.


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