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Where do you want to be?

Sometimes our issues find us. These include life-altering events that demand a response (retirement, divorce, job loss, empty nest, illness, death of someone close to you, or a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness).

But sometimes, our issues can be subtler, perhaps years in the making, where something’s just not working for you any more. It can even be more subtle yet, where it’s something you feel or sense more than encounter outright. These can include:


  • Something in your home or work life which needs to change, change that you haven’t been able to make happen on your own;
  • restlessness with the life you’re living;
  • need for greater meaning, purpose or joy;
  • the call to a new vocation, a call maybe too long ignored;
  • a change in jobs, but to what?;
  • sensing that you’re ready for a new life adventure; or
  • a voice beckoning within to be the person you feel you were born to be.


It can be about many things. What I know is that I can help you get where you want or need to be.

My Coaching Approach

Life coaching is booming in popularity due in large part to the fact that we humans, on our own, aren’t very good at continuing to ‘grow,’ particularly as we age. Think about it. Most of our real growth ends some time in our thirties, often earlier. From that point onward, it’s all too common to get stuck in patterns and ‘ways of being’ that we’re no longer able to see, let alone change. While we may desire or need change, it becomes all but impossible for us. This is partly because much of our life has become invisible to us; it’s simply ‘the way it is’ – the way we live day-to-day.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the things life coaching offers is the perspective of another set of eyes, allowing us to see what we can’t see on our own. It also inserts into the equation someone to whom we can be accountable in a way we find it difficult to be accountable to ourselves.

Integral life coaching, the coaching I do, is uniquely powerful  in this regard, because of both its developmental orientation and its wholistic and integrated approach to how human beings grow and develop. It isn’t just another set of eyes. It’s a set of eyes, behind which is a deeply embedded methodology of growth and expertise on how human growth and development takes place.

My commitment to you as your coach is to bring not only my training as an Integral Professional Coach, but my experience as a student of spiritual growth and development, as well as a personal commitment to a growth experience for you that will be Transformational, Heart-Centered and Real. It is who I am as a coach.

Coaching Options

My standard Integral Coaching program is Individual One-on-One Coaching, typically lasting between 4-7 months meeting once every 2 or 3 weeks (in person or remotely by telephone/internet). The program has three phases. The first, the Introductory Phase, is comprised of two meetings (2-3 hours in total). In the first meeting, I’ll hear your story and we’ll work to clarify both what it is your wanting from our work together and why it means so much to you. In the second meeting, I’ll propose a coaching program for you that we’ll work together to develop and refine. You’ll walk out of that meeting with an understanding of why it’s been hard for you to achieve your objective and a developmental path to a new way of being capable of getting you to where you want to be. You’ll also have an exercise and practice to work on until we next meet.

The second or Developmental Phase is where all of the rich work we’ll do together will be accomplished (6-12 one-hour sessions). In each session we’ll review your experiences of the intervening weeks, including your work with the exercise/practices assigned and explore the progress being made on your journey from your current way to your new way of being. One or more new practices will be assigned.

The third and final Completion Phase will consist of one meeting (one-hour) wherein we’ll explore your journey from your where you were to where you are then, and all of the transformations, breakthroughs and aha moments you experienced along the way. We will close our time together as we’ve been working in our time together: Transformational, Heart-Centered and Real.

Abbreviated Coaching Options are available for those who don’t have the time or resources for a full program. The Quick Picture is a 1½ hour session that offers an opportunity for you to both tell your story and to receive suggestions on how you can move forward on your own toward the meeting of your objectives. The Jump Start is two sessions (totaling 2½ hours in total) essentially replicating the first two sessions of the Individual One-on-One Coaching program, including a overview of what will be required of you to move from where you are to where you want to be, including Development Objectives and some suggested exercises and practices for moving forward on your own.

My One-on-One Integral Coaching options include billing by the hour or a package offering a discount for advance payment. The Quick Picture as well as The Jump Start are priced individually. I will be happy to discuss pricing specifics by telephone.

Are you ready to take the first step on your journey?

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you as your Integral Coach™.

Let me help you begin to achieve that something in your life that takes you to where you want to be.

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