The Wisdom of the Heart

[O]ver the centuries, the heart has been spoken of as a source of wisdom and feeling in all cultures. And many religions refer to the heart as the seat of the soul or the connecting place between spirit and humanness… [T]hroughout the ages, the heart has been referred to as a source not only of virtue but also of intelligence. The role of the heart as an intelligence within the human system is one of the most prevalent themes in ancient traditions and in inspirational writing.  –The HeartMath Solution by Doc Childre and Howard Martin, Page 7.

On my journey of the last seven-years, one thing I’ve learned is that ‘the heart’ is not just a metaphor for love or compassion but likely the actual physical repository in our bodies of much of our emotional wisdom and indeed compassion. The Institute of HeartMath has been involved in groundbreaking scientific work in this regard. What we now know scientifically is that the brain and heart do communicate with each other and that in optimum functioning it appears that it is the brain that entrains to the heart and not vice-versa.

So when I refer to my work with clients as being “Heart-Centered,” I mean that I’ll always strive in our work together to access the compassion, wisdom and intelligence of our respective hearts, whether metaphorical or real. To this end, depending on the specific nature of the coaching topic, I often assign practices designed to help clients more readily access ‘heart’ energy and its wisdom in their day-to-day lives.


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