Mileposts on My Journey

My formative experiences on my journey since 2010 to a deeper self have included:

  • A cross-country trip where, sleeping in tent I more than once experienced awakening in the night to an experience of complete connection to the universe. On that same trip I visited an ashram in British Columbia (2010);
  • A trip to India where I learned a little about Hinduism and, more importantly, was able to see poverty as I’d never witnessed it before (2011);
  • A period of disruption and healing (2011);
  • Finding my teacher in a Franciscan priest named Richard Rohr who began to answer my deep questions about God (2012);
  • Through Richard Rohr, discovering the profound work of Ken Wilber and his Integral Theory. A underappreciated genius, Wilber has radically expanded my understanding of both the Kosmos and the spiritual wisdom that emanates from all of the world’s great spiritual traditions (at their highest levels). (2012);
  • Commencement of a daily meditation practice (2012), expanded later to an unwavering twice per day for 30 minutes (having been convinced by reading Wilber of the essentiality of meditative practice to personal transformation and growth) (2013);
  • A 2-year program of study at the Living School for Action and Contemplation with Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault and James Finley (2014-2016);
  • Training as an Integral Professional Life Coach in a coaching methodology developed by Integral Coaching Canada in large part based upon Wilber’s Integral Theory (2014);
  • Training as a Certified End of Life Coach (2016) as well as continued training from Integral Coaching Canada (2107).

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